KRISTEN MCLEAN is a US publishing industry specialist with 20 years experience in a wide variety of roles in the supply chain including retail, sales, marketing, and high-level industry research and analysis. In addition to running her own company, Kristen’s unusual career path and reputation as an industry innovator have made her an effective consultant on a wide variety of industry issues, as well as one of publishing’s most respected public speakers.



Designed & fielded a qualitative research study to determine today’s parents’ evolving attitudes toward digital versus printed books for a major publisher

Partnered with an independent app developer to create a custom analytics program for mobile e-book purchasing & reading statistics

Designed & implemented a successful day-long conference for entrepreneurial authors for a leading publishing conference presenter

Reviewed current strategies & business goals, and then recommended a comprehensive children’s app strategy for a prominent independent publisher

Curated & managed an annual holiday catalog program for independent booksellers with a 400,000 piece print run & an average of 350 titles from 35 publishers

Developed a prototype program to measure geographic social media audience against sales figures for the top 500,000 books in the US market to help publishers target social media ads

Developed the first searchable book marketing database of 20,000 vetted listings for authors in the US market

Wrote freelance catalog and marketing copy for a full year’s worth of books for a distribution imprint of a major US publisher

Americanized a full list of children’s books & wrote subsequent marketing copy for a UK imprint of a major US publisher

Keynoted a major international digital publishing conference on the topic of the future of books and reading



  • The Australian Publisher's Association Click on Kids conference
  • Bologna Book Fair
  • Book Expo America (BEA)
  • Digital Book World (DBW)
  • The Digital Publishing Conference of the City College of London, UK
  • Editech (Milan)
  • Muse & the Marketplace 
  • O'Reilly Media Tools of Change 
  • Writer's Digest



Kristen consults on an hourly or per project basis depending on the engagement.

Kristen's speaking fees are negotiable, but generally consist of a flat rate per appearance plus travel expenses, and a daily stipend to cover meals. For booking information, just drop us a line.

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